BLACKFEST Ukrainian Coffee Show. Coffee as Bussines


Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee Show is an annual international-level event for professionals in the coffee industry and this year it was held on November 29 – 30, 2019 at CEC Parkovy in Kyiv.

Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee Show has taken place for the second time and this time coffee admirers have had more than 50 hours of educational programs conducted by 35 international experts, have tasted more than 200 species of coffee, have visited the most prestigious SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) championships.

The theme of Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee Show 2019 was ‘Coffee as Business’. Within its framework, a wide range of topics and lectures was presented and delivered by speakers from various countries like Columbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine etc. The scope of the program included topics like business, career, marketing, product, service, inspiration.  There were three lecture halls, one of which for two days served as a space for cupping conducted by leading coffee companies. Numerous coffee varieties from blends of Ukrainian and Italian roasters to single-origin coffee were also presented in the hall.

Those interested in networking had 2 days with 50 various companies in one location.

The Blackfest hosted the two most prestigious SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) championships and the 2nd Slavic Comandante Championship Kyiv. Baristas demonstrated their excellence in working with coffee, creativity and a high level of professionalism. The winner of the National Barista Championship was Aleksandr Benitskiy, and he will represent Ukraine in Melbourne, Australia.  The champion of the 2nd Slavic Comandante Championship Kyiv was Aleksandr Rimarovich receiving the main prize – a Golden Coffee Grinder by Comondante.

Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee Show is a unique event where coffee professionals combine studying with delightful leisure and fabulous networking.

The second Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee Show 2019 was attended by 4000 guests, 18000 cups of coffee were had, and 16 cuppings from the leading coffee companies were conducted.

Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee Show will be held 27 – 28.11.2020.




Speakers 2019

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Dario Ciarlantini
AST-Authorized Trainer for SCA and a QGrader
More →
David Donde
Truth Coffee Roasting, founder
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Morten Wennersgaard
owner, Nordic Approach і Tropiq
More →
Andre Eiermann
Marketing director, UCC Coffee
More →
Stefanos Domatiotis
owner Gem Series, coach-barista, Taf Coffee
More →
Kamal Bengougam
Chief Commercial Officer; Board Secretary at Eversys SA
More →
Vlad Goldakovskiy
More →
Vadim Granovskiy
Founder of Coffee in Action company
More →
Andrii Babin
Leader a coffee company CoffeeDOOR
More →
Timur Dudkin
R&D Director of Mare Terre
More →
Andrii Choockovsky
Co-Founder at New Tasty Project Coffee Shop
More →
Cory Bush
Is the Managing Director of 32Cup | Specialty Coffee Merchants in Antwerp, Belgium.
More →
Vladyslav Demonenko
Brand Chief Barista at Funt Of Coffee roastery
More →
Artem Bakurov
Chef-barista of ONE LOVE Coffee coffee shops
More →
Matt Winton
Barista, MAME coffee in Zurich, Switzerland
More →
Andrii Okhremchuk
Ukrainian Brand Ambassador of Jameson, Bar Manager at pan-asian restaurant Coin.
More →
Samo Smrke
scientific associate, Zurich University
More →
Yuliia Drozhzhyna
Head of the analyst center, HeadHunter Ukraine
More →
Iurii Dorofeev
Bar-manager, Synergy Group Odessa
More →
Dmitro Legeida
Strategic Development Director, FOODinBOX
More →
Sergii Borodenko
Project Manager at Pro Capital Investment
More →
Liudmyla Polino
Marketing Director at Gemini
More →
Myroslava Kozachuk
Co-owner and CEO of Franchise Group consulting company
More →
Andrii Mokriakov
Analytical department Consultant
More →
Anastasiia Martynenko
Chairman of GO O.ZERO and Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine
More →
Oksana Semeniuk
A sales manager and barista at Populus Coffee.
More →
Viktoriia Reinikova
Owner of the consulting company BUREAU BUSINESS IDEAS
More →
Volodymyr Galika
Managing Partner at
More →
Fedir Nesterov
business development expert
More →
Maryna Penzii
Head of Fair Finch Coffee Academy
More →
Georgiy Chernyak
Business Development Director at Premier Hotels and Resorts
More →
Kseniia Poltavets
Co-founder and CEO of Fresh Black company
More →
Alina Vitrenko
Head of Fresh Black Coffee School
More →
Vlad Napadii
Curator of quality control at Fresh Black Coffee School
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Denis Rybalko
Brand Manager of Biosphere Professional


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